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What is clip art used for?

Clip art is a great way to spice up your on and offline applications.  Clip art can be used in graphic design, in off line publications such as magazines and books, as well as numerous other creative mediums.

What types of clip art does Titan Icons sell?

Titan Icons sells both exclusive and non exclusive clip art.  Unlike many of our competitors, we offer you the choice of being able to purchase clip art in sets, or as individual items.  This ensures that you will never be forced to purchase something from us that you won’t use.

What file format does Titan Icons clip art come in?

Most of our clip art is delivered in vector format.  The advantage of vector clip art, is you can resize the individual artwork to any ratio without losing any of the original resolution or compression values.  Vector clip art will remain sharp and clear after any increase or decrease in size.  For more information about the file format of a particular item, please view the description on the individual product page.

Does Titan Icons create custom clip art?

Our design staff does accept custom orders for clip art.  We can create clip art in a wide variety of styles.  Please contact our customer service department for a price quote.

What is the advantage to purchasing clip art at Titan Icons?

Titan Icons offer unique clip art, not available anywhere else on or offline.  Most clip art companies require that you purchase whole sets of clip art, even though you may only need one item from the set.  At Titan Icons, all of our clip art is sold both individually, and as sets, giving you the flexibility to chose only what you will need.

Are existing clip art designs customizable?

All of our clip art is customizable.  Clip art files are delivered in fully editable formats.  If you are not able to edit the items yourself, our design staff can make any required modification for you for an additional fee.  Our minimum custom design fee is $25.

Is Titan Icons clip art royalty free?

All of the products offered for sale at Titan Icons are royalty free.  The initial licensing or purchase fee is all you will ever have to pay for using one of our items, and the non exclusive licenses are valid for the life of the purchaser.  For information about our product licensing, please visit the exclusive or non exclusive categories of our customer service section, or our terms of use page.

What is a vector image?

A vector image is resolution independent image that has many advantages for certain file types, one being that they are scalable to any size without losing any resolution qualities.  All attributes of the vector image will remain highly defined and clear if the image is increased or decreased in size.  Vector images are not generally used with highly complex or photo realistic design images.

Can I use non exclusive clip art commercially?

Non exclusive clip art may be used both for personal use, and in commercial settings.  For more information about product licensing, please see our terms of use section which details all of the licensing guidelines and restrictions.

Does modifying clip art myself require advanced skills?

Modifying or changing a clip art image will require at least a basic understanding of a vector based design software, such as Macromedia Fireworks, or Adobe Illustrator.  Our design staff can make any changes or modifications for you for an additional fee.

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