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What file format are Titan Icons products delivered in?

Titan Icons offers a wide variety of products, many of which will be file formatted differently depending on the product type.  On the product page for each individual item, a segment of the description will list the file formats that the file will be delivered in.  If the product description lists more than one file type, then this means that the product will be delivered in more than one file type in a zipped folder.

What if the file type I need isn’t listed in the product description as part of the delivered product packet?

If the file type you need isn’t listed in the product description, please send our customer service staff an email.  We have the capability to make a wide range of file format changes to any product, and these changes are generally free of charge.  Any complex file change requests will be assessed a service fee to be determined by our staff.

Does Titan Icons charge a fee for custom formatting a product?

In most cases we do not charge a fee for custom formatting a file.  In cases where a large number of files needs to be changed, or the requested changes are complex in nature, then a service fee will be applied.  For more information about file formatting, please contact our customer service staff.

Can your design team custom file format a product to meet my specific product or compatibility needs?

All of our products can be custom formatted to meet your specific project requirements.  Our staff has the knowledge and software available to make most file conversions.  Please contact our staff for additional information.

What is a PSD file?

A PSD file is a file type created in Adobe Photo, and is widely used when creating graphic intensive and photo realistic images.  PSD files are usually layered image elements stacked on top of each other in order to create the final visual effect. Although PSD files can be opened and edited with non Adobe software programs, it is generally advised to use Photoshop when making any modifications to the file.

What is a PNG file?

A PNG file is a portable network graphic file that is pixel based.  It’s lossless file compression is ideal for creating master copies of imagery.  PNG formatted files require less memory than file types of the same genre, specifically the TIFF file.

What is a JPEG file?

The word JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group.  JPEG files are widely used throughout the internet, as they are ideal for web based applications.  One of the advantages to using JPEG files, is the compression rate can be easily changed to reduce the file size.  Reducing or increasing the compression rate will adjust the image resolution and quality respectively.

What is a GIF file?

The term GIF means Graphic Interchange Format.  GIF files are widely used for web based applications, as they are generally small in size due to the nature of their composition.  Another main attribute of the GIF file is that it supports transparency, which is ideal for graphic designers creating web templates and other design imagery that requires image stacking.  GIF files are not suitable for most print, or high resolution color imagery.

What is a TIFF file?

The term TIFF refers to Tagged Image File Format.  TIFF file formats are ideal for master copy imagery, due to their lossless LZW compression.  TIFF files are generally large in size, making them unsuitable for web based applications.  TIFF files are generally used in desktop publishing.

What is a vector image?

A vector image is resolution independent image that has many advantages for certain file types, one being that they are scalable to any size without losing any resolution qualities.  All attributes of the vector image will remain highly defined and clear if the image is increased or decreased in size.  Vector images are not generally used with highly complex or photo realistic design images.

What is a bitmap image?

The term Bitmap is commonly used to describe any pixel based image, although the true definition of a Bitmap file is a Microsoft Windows based image format.  True Bitmap images files are not supported by web browsers and cannot be used as internet application files.

What does the term Raster image mean?

The term Raster image, refers to an image file that contains numerically valued color elements called pixels.  The pixels contained in a Raster image each possess a unique numbered code that represents the specific color to be displayed by that pixel.

What is a layered image file?

A layered image file generally refers to files that contain multiple image elements stacked on top of each other to complete the whole visual effect.  The advantage to using layered image elements, is that certain elements contained in the image can be changed without affecting the rest of the image, or being forced to recreate the image from scratch.

What is a pixel?

The term pixel is an abbreviation for picture element.  Pixels are numerically valued image elements that each contain a unique numbered code, which represents the specific color to be displayed.  Pixels are often considered the smallest elemental structure in a image.

Can Titan Icons format a product into a Mac file?

Our design staff can format all of our products into Mac compatible files.  Mac file conversions are generally free of charge.  Please contact our customer service staff for additional information.

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