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Why does Titan Icons offer free products

We offer a free product selection to allow our clients and potential clients the ability to test our full size working products for quality and compatibility.

Are there any restrictions with using a free product?

Our free products may be used for any commercial or personal uses.  Free products may not however be sold under any circumstances.  Free products may not be used as the basis for any pay per click ad schemes.  Titan Icons reserves the right to limit or restrict anyone from using our free products at any time.

May I copyright or trademark a free product?

Free products may not be copyrighted or trademarked.  Titan Icons hold the exclusive copyright ownership over all free products.  Please read our terms of use section for more details on our legal rights and restrictions.

May I alter or modify a free product?

Free products may be modified or changed, at that the sole discretion of the user.  However, any attempt to alter or change a free product with the sole intent to assume the exclusive ownership title, is strictly prohibited.  Our staff can make any changes to the product for you at an additional fee.

May I allow others to use my free products as well?

There are no transfer restrictions on our free products.  You may grant a copy of the free product to anyone at your sole discretion.  Anyone who uses our free product must however strictly adhere to our terms of use agreement.  Please note that we strictly prohibit any of our fee based products from being transferred to other users, as our fee based products are non transferable, and anyone found to be abusing their licensing rights may have their product license revoked.

Where are the free products located?

Free products are located throughout our website.  For free icons, please click the free icons button in the main product navigation bar.  We also offer other free products throughout our other product categories.  If you are having trouble locating our free icons section, please contact a customer service representative for further assistance.

How are free products delivered?

Free products are delivered by download link only.  Please visit the individual free product page, and click on the download button.  Depending on the speed of your internet connection, the file may take a few minutes to download.

May I use free products on a commercial project?

Our free products may be used in a commercial project, as long as the free products themselves are not being sold.  Titan Icons strictly prohibits any of our free or fee based products from being resold under any circumstances.

May I purchase the exclusive rights to a free product?

Unfortunately we do not offer our free products for sale, as we cannot guarantee the number of times the item may have been downloaded or distributed.  Our design staff can however create an exclusive item for you that is similar to the desired free item, however fees will apply.

Are free items given out indefinitely, or is there an expiration date when the item will no longer be available?

Free products added to our catalogue will be given a permanent status.  These products will be available for download indefinitely.  It’s very rare that our staff will remove a free item.

Are there limits or restrictions on the number of times I can publish a free product?

There are no restrictions on the number of times you can publish a free product.  Free products may be used and published an unlimited number of times.

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