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What are icons used for?

Icons have a wide variety of practical uses both on and offline, such as spreadsheet use, graphical user interfaces or GUI, web design, logo use, company or product branding, PowerPoint presentations, software development, custom toolbars, printed publications, and much more.

Will the icon files be delivered with the external watermarking still attached?

All external watermarks will be removed before your icon file is delivered to you.  If for any reason you would like the watermark to use for your own file protection, please send a request to our customer service staff.  All external watermarks are a separate photo layer, and can be easily added or removed.

What’s so special about the icons offered at Titan Icons?

Titan Icons is one of the leading professional icon sources online today.  Our quality, product design, and price range, is unparalleled in the commercial icon market.  Our icon products are unique and usable, we don’t offer cookie cutter type crystal icon packages like most of our competitors.

Can you format icon files to be compatible with a Mac operating system?

All of our product files can be custom formatted by our staff to be compatible with your Mac operating system.  There are no additional fees associated with this file conversion.  Please send our staff an email for additional Mac file conversion details.

Are your icons customizable?

All of our products are customizable, and can be changed or modified by our design staff for an additional fee.  Common modification requests included background color changes, drop shadow additions, and icon color changes.  Our minimum modification fee is $25.  Not all modifications can be performed due to technical constraints.

Can Titan Icons custom design icons?

We do accept custom icon design orders.  If you are in need of specific icons for a project, please send us an email with your project details.  Unfortunately we do not custom design icons for clients who intend to resell the items.

What types of licensing do you offer for your icons?

Titan Icons offers both exclusive and non exclusive icons.  Exclusive icons are one of kind, and are permanently removed from our catalogue immediately after purchase.  Non exclusive icons are icons that are part of our permanent product offering, and are sold on a shared license.  Non exclusive icons are not removed from our catalogue after purchase, and are sold to more than one person.  For more information about product licensing, please see our customer service section.

Are your icons royalty free?

All of our products both exclusive and non exclusive, are royalty free.  You will never have to pay any additional usage fees, and all of our non exclusive product licenses are valid for the life of the purchaser.

Do your icons come in an ICO icon image file format?

Most of our icons do come prepackaged in an ICO format.  Please see the file format section of the individual product description for file formats available for that particular item.

Is it possible to get a low resolution sample of a particular icon to evaluate for a possible purchase?

Unfortunately we do not offer any form of prepurchase samples for our paid products.  Due to this policy, we have made numerous free products available throughout our website however, you may download them at your leisure.

What are ICO files?

ICO files are an icon image format used with Microsoft Windows.  Converting icons to ICO format will allow you to add custom icons to you Windows desktop and other software interface applications.

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