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What is the advantage to purchasing a logo at Titan Icons?

Our professional and affordable logo selection includes a wide range of practical topics to chose to from, including both exclusive and non exclusive designs.  Each logo is customizable to meet your specific company or project requirements, and can be modified by our in house design staff for an additional fee.

Are all of the logos available in vector format?

Not all of our logos are available in vector format.  Some of the more digitally complex 3D logos are only available as PSD files.  The product description will list whether or not the file is a vector or non vector type logo.  If you have any questions regarding logo formats, please send our customer service staff an email.

Can Titan Icons modify a logo to meet my company specifics?

All of our logos are customizable, and can be changed to meet your specific requirements.  Our design team can modify the logo for you for an additional fee, or if you have mid level graphic design skills, you will be able to make any changes yourself, as a fully editable file will be delivered to you.

How hard is it to modify a logo myself?

Changing or modifying an existing logo will require at least a basic understanding of design software, such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, Macromedia Fireworks, or Corel Draw.  Small changes such as adding your specific text to a logo font, or adding a background color, can be quickly and easily done with basic design skills.  More complex tasks such as altering the design portion of the logo itself, will require moderate to advanced skills in most cases.

What are your fees for changing or modifying an existing logo?

Our minimum fee for modifying or changing an existing logo is $25.  Complex changes however can exceed this amount depending on the amount of time and difficulty level of the individual project requirements.  If you would like our design staff to change or modify an existing logo, please send us an email for a price quote.

Does Titan Icons offer any express services for custom changes or modifications?

We do offer express services for custom changes and modifications, however express service fees will apply.  This service is not available for all custom work.

Are all Titan Icons logos resizable?

Our vector image based logos are scalable to any size.  Our non vector image based logos are delivered as large high resolution images that can be changed in size, but generally have some sizing restrictions due to the bitmap or pixel nature of the image.

Are the relevant logo fonts included with the purchased product?

All relevant fonts will be included with the delivered product.  Fonts are delivered in both PC and Mac formats.

How long will it take for Titan Icons to make any necessary changes or modifications to my logo?

Basic changes or modifications generally take up to 2 business days to process.  More advanced modifications to a logo design may take up to 7 business days to complete.

What is a vector logo?

A vector logo image is a resolution independent image, and has many advantages for certain logo types, one being that they are scalable to any size without losing any resolution qualities.  All attributes of the vector image will remain highly defined and clear if the image is increased or decreased in size.  Vector images are not generally used with highly complex or 3D photo realistic design images.

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