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What are non exclusive products?

Non exclusive products are products that are sold more than once.  These items are a part of our permanent product offering, and will not be removed from the catalogue after being purchased.

What are the advantages of purchasing a non exclusive product from Titan Icons?

Purchasing a non exclusive product saves you money, especially if you are in need of multiple items.  All of our non exclusive products are royalty free, and the purchase license is valid for the life of the purchaser.

If I purchase a non exclusive product, can I allow others to use the item?

Non exclusive products are non transferable, and cannot be used by anyone other than the original purchaser.  Even if you choose not to use or publish the item, the license cannot be transferred.  Anyone other then the original purchaser must purchase a separate product license in order to use any of our non exclusive products.  Unfortunately anyone found to have abused or misused our product license agreement, will forfeit their product license without refund.  This policy helps us protect the licensing rights of our products, and ensures that everyone using the license is doing so in accordance to the terms of use agreement.

If I sell a website, or other published or non published medium containing a non exclusive product, is the new owner required to purchase their own product license?

As our non exclusive product licenses are non transferable, anyone acquiring anything containing a non exclusive product purchased from Titan Icons, must purchase their own product license if they wish to continue using the item.  This rule also applies to webmasters and publishers.  If you are creating anything that uses a non exclusive product, your client or purchaser must purchase their own license.

Are there any restrictions on how many times I can publish a non exclusive item?

There are no restrictions on how many time you may publish a non exclusive product.  Non exclusive products may be published an unlimited number of times throughout the life of the license purchaser.

Can I publish non exclusive items throughout numerous different projects?

There are no restrictions on the number of projects that may contain a non exclusive product.  Non exclusive products may be used throughout an unlimited number of projects throughout the life of the license purchaser.  The projects however must be exclusively owned by the license holder, as our non exclusive products are non transferable.

May I copyright or trademark a non exclusive product?

Non exclusive products may not be copyrighted or trademarked, and are sold on a shared license only.  Titan Icons holds the exclusive copyrights to all of the non exclusive products sold throughout our website.

Can I purchase the exclusive rights to a non exclusive product?

In some limited cases, the exclusive rights to a non exclusive product may be purchased for an additional fee.  In cases where a non exclusive license for a product has been issued, that particular product will not be available for sale as exclusive.

What should I do if I suspect someone has stolen a non exclusive image from my project, and published it without a proper product license?

If you suspect someone has published a non exclusive Titan Icons product without purchasing a license, please immediately report the possible infringement to our staff for further investigation.  Please do not contact the suspected individual[s] direct, as they may indeed possess a valid license, as only our staff can verify.  At Titan Icons, we take copyright infringement very seriously.  All of our graphics and photos are protected with an internally embedded digital watermark by Digimarc Corporation.

Can I customize a non exclusive product?

Non exclusive products can be customized.  You must however have at least a low level proficiency using graphic design software, such as Adobe Photoshop.  We also offer custom design services, where a member of our design staff can make the custom changes you desire, for an additional fee.  Please note that customized non exclusive products will still be owned exclusively by Titan Icons, the licensing will not change.  Per our terms of use agreement, you may not gain exclusive ownership over any non exclusive item by making custom changes to it.  Changing a non exclusive product for the sole purpose of gaining the ownership title, is strictly prohibited.

Can I buy a non exclusive license for an exclusive product?

Exclusive products are sold only once.  Unfortunately at this time we cannot make exceptions to this rule.  If you are interested in purchasing an exclusive product, you must pay the full purchase price, which entitles you to the exclusive ownership title.

Should I worry about the over exposure of a non exclusive item, in the event that too many individuals purchase the product license?

With 4 billion web pages online worldwide, in addition to an unlimited number of non exclusive product uses offline, it would be a very rare exception if a non exclusive product were to become over exposed.  In the unlikely event this were to happen, we would discontinue selling further licenses for that particular product design.

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