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How does Titan Icons deliver products?

After the purchase transaction is complete, product files will be delivered either by email, or through a download link, depending on the size of the file.  Download links are provided by email post purchase, and are valid for 48 hours from the time the email link is sent.

My download link expired before I was able to download my file, can I get a new one?

If the download link expires before you are able to download your product, pleasecontact our customer service staff for a new link.  For security purposes, all download links contain a unique id number, and are only valid for 48 hours after the email containing the link is sent.

How long does it take to deliver the files?

Order processing and delivery time is usually 2 – 8 hours.  Orders are not processed immediately due to rigorous manual antifraud checks performed by our billing department.  Items purchased during non business hours or holidays will be delivered the next business day.  If for any reason the files will not be delivered within the standard 2 – 8 hour delivery time, we will notify you immediately after your purchase by email with further information.

Can you deliver my product on a cd or diskette by postal mail?

We do not offer postal delivery services of files on cds or diskettes.  Because of this policy, we recommend that you backup your files immediately after purchase.  If at any time you lose a file, please contact us for a replacement copy, be sure and provide your purchase invoice number for verification.

What if my email account isn’t large enough to receive my files?

If your email account isn’t large enough to receive your product files, please send us an email requesting a download link.

I made a purchase through your website, but I haven’t received my product yet?

All of our communications will be sent to you by email.  It is very important that you have a properly working email account to receive the product or product download link, or our communications.  Be sure your anti spam filters are properly set to ensure our communications or product delivery email reaches your inbox.

How do I know if my product will be delivered by email, or through a download link?

On each product page a segment of the description will detail the method of product delivery.  If you do not want to receive your product files by email, please send our customer service staff an email requesting a download link.  Special download link requests are always granted free of charge, however please allow time for our staff to prepare the download link for you.

Does Titan Icons guarantee a delivery time for a product?

Although general product delivery time is 2 – 8 hours, there may on occasion be delays to do anti fraud checks.  Do to these anti fraud procedures, we do not guarantee your product will be delivered by a predetermined time frame.  Any delays that occur, are usually very minimal, and rarely exceed 8 hours.

What are your office hours?

Our regular business hours at Titan Icons are conducted Monday – Saturday, 8:00am – 7:00pm [PST – Pacific Standard Time].

Will the files be delivered with the external watermarking still attached?

All external watermarks will be removed before your product is delivered to you.  If for any reason you would like the watermark to use for your own file protection, please send a request to our customer service staff.

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