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What type of web graphics does Titan Icons offer?

We offer a wide variety of practical and usable web graphics, such as background patterns, template headers, buttons, borders, flash banners, and much more.  Please visit our web graphics category in the main product navigation bar.

What is the advantage to purchasing web graphics from Titan Icons?

Purchasing web graphics from Titan Icons saves you time and money.  If you’re a web designer, purchasing premade web graphics is a quick and affordable solution that enables you to offer your clients professional design elements, while saving you the time of having to create the items from scratch.  For our clients that only have basic to moderate graphic design skills, our web graphics offer you the chance to professionalize your existing web based medium, without having to spend countless hours learning the ins and outs of web design.

Does Titan Icons custom design web graphics?

Our design team does accept custom orders for web graphics.  For additional details or a price quote, please contact our customer service department for further assistance.

What file formats do the delivered files come in?

Due to the wide variety of web graphics we offer, the file formats will vary.  For specific file format information, please see the product description which lists the file formats that the product will be delivered in.  You may contact our customer service department for additional information.

Are your web graphics customizable?

All of our web graphics are customizable.  In some cases you will need moderate to advanced graphic design skill to customize our web graphics yourself.  Our in house web design team can make any required changes you need for an additional fee.

May I copyright or trademark web graphics?

Only our exclusive web graphics for sale may be copyrighted or trademarked. Unfortunately our non exclusive products may not be copyrighted or trademarked, as Titan Icons holds the exclusive ownership title to those items.

Does Titan Icons custom code any of the web graphics for quick insertion into my web based applications?

Unfortunately we do not offer custom coding for any our web graphics.  Any coding necessary to install these items, will need to be undertaken by each client.

Do all of the relevant text files come with the delivered web graphics files?

All relevant web graphic text files are included with the delivered product.  Text files come in both PC and Mac file formats.

I’m a web designer, may I resell your web graphics to my clients?

Unfortunately none our products may be resold for any reason, please see our product licensing agreement in the terms of use section of our website for further details.  If you are a web designer interested in using our non exclusive web graphics for a client based project, your client must purchase the non exclusive license themselves, as the non exclusive product license is non transferable.  Exclusive items may be transferred to a new owner, however they may not be resold without written consent from Titan Icons.

How will I receive my web graphics after the purchase transaction?

Depending on the size of the web graphics, the product will be delivered either by email, or through a download link.  We do not offer postal delivery services of files on cds or diskettes.

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