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We’re always interested in adding unique professional icons, logos, web templates, clip art, 3d models, and graphics to our product line up. If you’re a graphic artist interested in selling your work, we would like to hear from you. Below is a summary of what we’re looking for, along with some specific guidelines as to what types of graphic products we purchase for resell.

We only buy exclusive rights to new items. We’re not interested in purchasing shared rights to products that have been, or are currently for sale else where. We want items that are unique and new, items that have not been in use prior [commercially, or non commercially]. We don’t buy anything that is offensive or pornographic. The quality of the item[s] must be clean and professional. We’re interested in a wide spectrum of genres and styles, as long as the item[s] meet the outlined requirements.

We only purchase items outright, we don’t host items for sell on consignment. We offer competitive wholesale rates, and are particularly interested in establishing long term supply relationships with the artists. We do commission free lance work as well, so if you offer this service please feel free to let us know. All purchased work can be accredited to the artist by name, or the artist can choose to remain anonymous. We don’t provide link or url accreditation for any work.

For more details on selling your work and product submissions, please use the following link below to access our contact email form. If you would like to expedite the submission process, please include a url where we can view the item[s] you have for sale, along with an asking price. If you would prefer to email us your submission, please contact us for the appropriate email address. Please properly watermark all of the work you intend to submit, as we want to see high resolution images of the items for sale. For the security and integrity of your copyrights, we do not share the images or urls of your submitted work with anyone outside of our Titan Icons staff. Submissions pending approval will remain offline and confidential.

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How to turn your knowledge, passion or expertise into digital products you can sell for high prices online  

How to turn your knowledge, passion or expertise
into digital products you can sell for high prices online

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