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January 20, 2006
Titan Icons,

Thank you again for the wonderful flag icons, they’re already up on my website, and working beautifully.  The icons were used as language selection buttons, as our site is available in several different languages.  Your customer service staff answered all of my questions promptly.  I will definitely stop by again as we continue to upgrade our website.  I added you to my favorites list.  Cheers from Seattle.

Beth Hayes
Seattle, Washington
January 13, 2006
Titan Icons

We are so happy to have found your website. We just purchased 7 European flag icons for a spreadsheet project. Thank you again for answering all of our questions regarding file compatibility. We book marked your site for future reference. Best of luck with your business.

David Abbott
Mesa, Arizona
January 2, 2006
Titan Icons

You guys have an excellent website, I’m happy to see icons can finally be purchased individually. What a great idea! I purchased 3 orbs icons for an existing business ecommerce website, they look very nice. I’ll be back again for more after I get my new website up.

Brett Osborne
College Place, Washington
December 28, 2005
Titan Icons,

I thought I would post on your testimonials page, just wanted to say thanks again for the flag icons, and all the help you offered during the setup process, sorry for all of the questions.  I bought 3 icons today, and will probably buy more after I add more countries to our travel section.  Your company has a wonderful product, keep up the good work.  Thanks, and talk to you again soon.

Ruth Emerson
New York, New York
December 14, 2005
Titan Icons,

Thanks a million folks for the tech support.  You guys are great, I wish I would have found your site a bit earlier.  I’ll be back for sure.  Cheers from Ireland!

John Carroll
Cork, Ireland
November 27, 2005
Titan Icons,

Just wanted to say hi to everyone!  We purchased the exclusive seagull icon for our beach glass jewelry line labels, the finished project looks awesome to say the least.  We’re so happy we found your site, you literally saved us hundreds of dollars in custom design fees we would have paid.  You’ve been added to our favorites list, and we will definitely be back again in the future for all of our graphic needs!  Best of luck.

Judy Gibson
Canon Beach, Oregon
November 19, 2005
Titan Icons,

Hello from Germany!  I’m using the flower icons I purchased from you for my web blog.  I also added a link to your website, hopefully you will get some nice referrals.  Tell your designers thank you very much.

Emma Meier
Hamburg, Germany

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